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An event like no other

Inés Sainz's ambitious coverage for TV Azteca at the Russia 2018 World Cup


Inés Sainz became the Mexican journalist with the best rating numbers in all TV Azteca during the Russia 2018 World Cup. There, I was part of her creative and writing team where we developed, from scratch, all the content that Inés had on TV Azteca during the most relevant moments of the competition.

Cúpula de iglesias rusas
Diseño sin título (5).png
Catedral de San Basilio

In total, we developed four different concepts for this coverage: 
1. The timeline: We placed ourselves in the different years of each World Cup, and made a parallel with whatever was happening in Russia at the time. 
2. Russia's 35 Impacts: A recounting of the cultural, scientific, technological and social contributions of Russian culture to the rest of the world.
3. The interviews: The hallmark of the house, Inés is the sports journalist with the most one-on-one interviews in history, and here we develop each of the concepts and manage the interviews in different locations around the world. 
4. Encrypted World Cup: Based on the enigmas that Russian culture offers to the world, we made the analysis of each of the participants of the tournament.

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