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The content happy place

The challenge was very clear: to imagine the coolest place for content creation in Mexico City. The result: The Mansion by Estilo DF. 


Due to the demand from the public and, above all, from brands to offer experiential marketing, we created The Mansion. Located in one of the most recognized areas of Mexico City, this space has five themed rooms for the creation of content and is freely accessible to the public. In its first year of existence it has received more than 1,500 people, achieving unquestionable success. 

White Structure

I participated in this project from its creative conceptualization and execution proposal, as well as in the specific executions with each brand that has occupied The Mansion. During the life of this space we have had the presence of world-class clients such as Alpura, Nescafé, Johnnie Walker, Samsung, Barcel among many others.

As I write this, in August 2023, we are beginning the mock-up to take The Mansion beyond the borders of Mexico, joining forces with a global alcoholic beverage brand to replicate this concept in Colombia. 

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