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The content dunk

The content strategy to engage with a digital audience in the NBA comeback.F.


The pandemic changed us forever. There is a before and after in how we consume content after this moment. With this in mind, we at NBA Mexico set ourselves the challenge: how to engage with digital audiences in the return to professional sports activity? The answer: "The NBA Show". A series of summaries of games during the 2021 season told in a very particular way: using a 100% digital focused language, both auditory and visual, seeking to create an agile, dynamic and fun content. 

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In this project I got involved from the conceptualization that sought to answer the question: How to present in a different way a property as seen as a game's highlights? Thus we arrived at this proposal where I also developed actively as the writer and announcer of the pieces that lasted 6 months and reached the top 5 of digital content with more interactions in the official networks of the League. 

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