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World Cup not so serious

Televisa Digital's proposal for the 2018 World Cup to capture digital audiences.


In the context of the 2018 World Cup, Televisa decided to bet heavily on unconventional coverage for its digital channels, in this case Snapchat. There I was part of Deportazo, after winning a casting I was selected as the host of the show where I also served as the main scriptwriter. Deportazo became a digital reference of the World Cup reaching more than 3 million users during the 4 weeks of the competition.

Balón de fútbol vintage
Diseño sin título (5).png
Celebración de la victoria francesa

Thanks to the good results during the World Cup, the show continued for the rest of the year, reaching 35 chapters with more than 5 million total reproductions, being also a pioneer in 100% vertical formats. 

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